IELTS Speaking Part 1 Perfume

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Perfume

Q1. Do you like perfumes?

Yes, scents appeal to me, and I possess a massive collection of perfumes. Some I use during the day, and some for the night. So naturally, my preference goes for those which have a long-lasting scent.

Q2. What kind of perfumes do you like?

I like mild perfumes with the smell of flowers, such as roses.

Q3. Do you usually wear perfume? Why? Why not?

I live in an area that experiences scorching heat most of the year. Due to that, I sweat a lot; hence wearing perfume all the time is a prudent approach for me.

Q4. What is your favorite perfume?

Although I have a vast collection of perfumes, the one with the Rose smell is my favorite. I get compliments and feel positive and energetic whenever I wear them.

Q5. Would you ever buy an expensive bottle of perfume?

Being a student, I thrive primarily on pocket money to take care of routine expenses. Due to this reason, buying an expensive bottle of perfume is a big no for me.

Q6. Have you ever given someone’s perfume as a present?

Whenever I have a shortage of time to select a gift for my near and dear ones, I prefer to purchase perfume because it is readily available in a wide range.

Q7. Have you received perfume as a gift?

On many occasions, especially on my birthdays, I usually received one or two gifts as perfumes.

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