IELTS Speaking Part 1 Mathematics

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Mathematics

1. When did you start learning math?

I started learning mathematics on my first day at my school. In my nation, maths is an important subject, and most schools have started teaching it in nursery education.

2. Do you like math?

Maths appeals to me because it is a practical subject which is helpful for people from all walks of life. Since childhood, I have had an immense interest in maths, and I am damn sure that practical knowledge of this subject will lead my career towards an impressive growth trajectory.

3. Who taught you math?

In my budding years, I learned maths under the aegis of my school teacher and father. The fundamentals taught by them are still etched in my memories.

4. Who is your favourite teacher so far?

My favourite teacher so far is my English Teacher, Ms Raminedr Kaur. Under her tutelage, I gained immense knowledge. She is an educator and motivational speaker and often helps the students handle conflicts adroitly.

5. Is math complicated for you to learn?

 In my budding year, maths was complicated because the concepts were unclear. But their father worked hard on me and taught me with determination, dedication and discipline. Under his tutelage, I gained tremendous knowledge and can quickly learn new mathematics concepts.

6. Do you like to use a calculator?

Yes, I like to use a calculator for two reasons. Firstly it does fast calculations, and secondly, it provides accurate data.

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