IELTS Speaking Part 1 Running

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Running

Q1. How often do you go for a run?

I am a fitness-conscious person. I love to go for a run daily. However, my hectic schedule doesn’t allow me to go daily. Therefore, I do it on weekends.

Q2. Where do you usually go running?

I always look for a spongy surface to go for running, like parks and stadiums, which usually have a lot of grass because running on hard surfaces like roads, or streets can hurt our knees.

Q3. Do you like running?

Running appeals to me because it helps me burn a lot of calories in a short period. Moreover, it improves our posture too.

Q4. Running is an excellent way to stay healthy. Do you agree?

There is no denying this conviction that running provides many health benefits. Firstly it strengthens our bones. Secondly, it improves our body posture. Thirdly it improves our stamina, and lastly, it fosters our mind.

Q5. Did you have to run during school sports lessons?

In my school days, running was a significant part of my routine. Every Saturday, I participated in the 100 meters race, and on umpteen occasions, I won the first prize.

Q6. Have you done any long-distance running?

During my college days, I participated in a Marathon, an enchanting experience. That was a real test of my stamina, and despite having pain in my knees, I ran for 6 kilometres.

Q7. Would you choose to watch important running races on TV?

Yes, I love to watch running races on TV because that makes me feel motivated that humans can raise their bar and do extraordinary things by working hard with determination, dedication, and discipline

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