Vocabulary For IELTS Reading

Vocabulary For IELTS Reading

1. Informative: To provide vital or exciting information

For example, A study of DNA can give informative evidence on the evolution of Sapiens

2. Promotions: A pursuit that supports or encourages a cause, project, or ambition.

For example, Celebrities thrive primarily on promotions to fetch an audience for their upcoming projects.

3. Launch: To introduce (a new product or service) for the first time in the market.

For example, Mobile phone manufacturers leave no stone unturned to launch products beyond the conventional domain.

4. Overrated: To believe that something/somebody is better than he/she/it actually is

For example, many people visit Goa to spend gala time, but it is an overrated destination.

5. All over the place: Everywhere

For example, Fast food has made inroads into our lives, and it is available all over the place.

6. Density: The number of persons or things in a provided area or space.

For example, the population density is relatively high in the metro cities of India.

7. Multitude: a substantial number of individuals or things.

For example, a multitude of career options is at the disposal of youngsters to lead their lives toward an impressive growth trajectory.

8. Flyers: A tiny handbill for advertising an event or product.

For example, companies nowadays think beyond the conventional domain to promote their products or services and do not rely on pamphlets and flyers.

9. To be able to do: Having the forte, skill, means, or chance to do something.

For example, Sine you have plenty of time at your disposal, I think you should be able to complete this task by the end of the day.

10. To play a (an) crucial/essential/key/leading role in: Of great importance

For example, Your current performance suggests that you will play a crucial role in leading your company toward an impressive growth trajectory.

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