IELTS Speaking Part 1:Handwriting

IELTS Speaking Part 1:Handwriting

How frequently do you write by hand? 

I write every day. I graduated ten days ago and was a college student; I used to write every day. Now that I have graduated, some or other things always come up, and I’m exploring my options further, so there is always a need to write.

 Do you prefer handwriting or typing on a computer? 

I prefer handwriting over typing on a computer. Handwriting is something when you write; there is a thought behind it, and you remember it for a long time, whereas I don’t connect with typing. 

What are the advantages of handwriting? 

There are many advantages of handwriting. When you write with the hand, many motor activities are associated with the skeletal movement of the skeletal muscles. There, the vision comes into play, and when you write, you write with a thought process.

 Is having good handwriting necessary?

Good handwriting is necessary because handwriting and writing with the hand are always done for somebody to read, so if a person writes so that it is readable to the other person, that would decrease the barriers to communication. 

Do you think computers will completely replace handwriting?

 I’m afraid I have to disagree that computers will completely replace handwriting because many still prefer handwriting. Handwriting is more convenient than computers.

How do most people write nowadays?

 Numerous gadgets and devices are at our disposal to write these days. However, most people prefer to write by hand, using a pen. 

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