IELTS Speaking Part 1:Dictionary

IELTS Speaking Part 1:Dictionary

Do you often use a dictionary?

No, I don’t often use the dictionary. Because there are fewer incidences where I sit and read, I never find different words where I have to search for them. 

Do you prefer to use an electronic dictionary or dictionary made of paper?

 I like using an electronic dictionary because it’s more convenient than conventional dictionaries. You can carry it anywhere and search for any word at any time. When it comes to traditional dictionaries, there are certain things that you need a proper light to read. Still, when it comes to the electronic dictionary, you don’t need that, so I prefer the electronic dictionary over the conventional one.

 How would you feel if someone gave you a dictionary as a gift? 

If someone gave me a dictionary as a gift, I would feel happy because it is a gift. There must be some thought process behind that gift, and I would appreciate it if, even if I don’t use a dictionary as much, I will cherish it and start using it okay. 

Would it be interesting to write a dictionary? 

 It would be interesting, but that is something which I will not be able to do because I don’t have a vast vocabulary for that.

What kind of person do you think writes a dictionary?

 No one person registers the dictionary. Many people come together and make a word bank and organize it accordingly.

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