IELTS Speaking Part 1 Pen and Pencil

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Pen and Pencil

Q1. Do you usually use a pen or pencil?

In the modern era, people thrive primarily on the computer to write anything and then take printouts. When I write with my hand, I prefer to use a pencil instead of a pen because it is easy to erase.

Q2. Which do you prefer using, a pen or a pencil?

I prefer using a pencil instead of a pen for two reasons. Firstly the content I write looks neat and clean because I correct the mistakes by erasing them, which is impossible when I use a pen. Secondly, my handwriting looks fantastic when I use a pencil because I have more control while writing.

Q3. When was the last time you brought a pen or a pencil?

Last week I brought a new book called “The compound effect.”Along with the book, I purchased a set of pencils because whenever I read, I mark the actual content with a pencil, which helps me better understand when I reread the same book.

Q4. What do you think if someone gives you a pen or a pencil as a gift?

Pencils and pens are helpful stationery items, so receiving them as a gift will work like a charm because it will save my expenses.

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