Do/Does speaking questions IELTS

Do/Does speaking questions IELTS

Do/Does speaking questions IELTS

Usage of Do/Does

1. Present tense: present simple

When we are discussing things that occur regularly, we generally use the present simple tense, and in such cases, we use do or does as question words. Apart from this, we can frame negative questions with don’t or doesn’t:

Do you go for walk every day? ~ I usually go for walk in the morning.

Doesn’t your father sometimes drop you? ~ Whenever it rains he does.

Do you always reach on time?    Being a punctual person, I never reach late.

Don’t you ever overeat? ~ Being a fitness freak, I do not overeat.

2. Stative or non-progressive verbs

With stative verbs also (such as   understand, realise, remember, like, hate, need, want, prefer) questions are framed with do or does as these verbs do not usually come in progressive form:

Do you believe in aliens? ~ No, I do not.

Don’t you realise there is a lot of corruption? ~ Yes, I do believe that corruption is there in our system for ages.

Do you need anything from the shopping mall? ~ I’d like to buy some clothes

Do you prefer to drive? ~ Yes because driving appeals to me

Do/Does speaking practice

1. Do you play basketball on the weekends?

Being a sports enthusiast, I do play basketball on the weekends. I wish to play it every day. However, due to the scarcity of time, I am unable to do so.

2. Does she study at the coffee shop with her friends?

Being a voracious reader, she loves to study at the coffee shop with her friends. She learns there for hours in the company of her friends.

3. Do I need to come early tomorrow?

As tomorrow is the deadline for submitting the project report, you need to come early.

4. Do you like pizza?

Pizza appeals to me. However, I eat in moderation because it is not healthy.

5. Do you have any brothers?

I am blessed to have a younger brother who is the apple of my eye.

6. Do we need anything from the store?

As guests might come to our place this weekend, I have made a list of the items we require to prepare the dinner.

7. Do they work here?

Yes, they work here, and they have contributed a lot towards the success of our organisation.

8. Do those people know you?

Yes, they know me well, and we have worked together on many projects.

9. Do Tom and Andrew live together?

They are bosom friends, and they live and work together.

10. Does he like to golf?

He is a golf enthusiast. He has this tendency of playing golf every weekend. These days he is working on a blog dedicated to golf.

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