Describe a New Or Recent Development in your City IELTS Cue Card

Describe a New Or Recent Development in your City IELTS Cue Card


Describe a new or recent development in your city

You should say:

What development is it?

Where is it located?

What are its features and benefits?

Sample Answer 1


Although my city is experiencing numerous developments, one is exceptional and worth mentioning.

What development is it? And Where is it located?

The development is opening six sports centres in the different corners of the city. The administration has finalized the locations by doing a survey and taking the opinion of the town planner.

What are its features and benefits?

 Because of an acute shortage of places to play due to the burgeoning population, for this reason, a sizeable proportion of the city’s population remained indoors, leading to numerous problems like a less physical workout, widening the gap between individuals etc. Therefore, this development is a blessing for our city,

The opening of sports centres will bring a paradigm shift in people’s lives because the administration will provide facilities for people from all walks of life.

Firstly, the centres will have the most popular sports facilities such as basketball, a skating rink, swimming pool, cricket field etc. The hidden talent in the city in terms of sports will come out, and instead of spending time on gadgets, children will indulge in real sports and enhance their physical and mental abilities.

Secondly, the administration will open up food courts inside the sports complexes so that people can relish their favourite mouth-watering delicacies while playing or watching sports.

Apart from this, all complexes will have a big park where people can relax and engage in walking and group discussions. This development will be a blessing for the senior citizens who will utilize it to spend a gala time with their near and dear ones.

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