BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 3rd November

BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 3rd November


Some people think that government should not give international aid since they have disadvantages like unemployment and homelessness in their own country. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


It is undoubtedly true that globalisation has developed the connection among nations significantly in the contemporary world. Nevertheless, it is considered by many that providing international assistance is an incorrect approach if the citizens of native nations suffer from accommodation and unemployment issues. However, I discord the above assertion as helping other countries is advantageous for maintaining stronger relationships.  

 There are myriad reasons why the administration of the wealthiest countries should give international support. However, the predominant cause is to build mutual relationships among nations. To explain it, unquestionably, when governments lend a helping hand to one another during dire circumstances. As a result, the chances of establishing unbreakable relationships also arise, which may open up new doors for doing more deals and agreements for the welfare of both nations. To exemplify it, during the pandemic of COVID-19, the USA, which is well- a developed country in the world, helped Africa by furnishing edible products as well as expensive vaccines even without taking a single penny; in turn, the African government made more deals on the international trade with the USA currently. Thus, aiding another region may be beneficial not only for the sake of maintaining stronger bonding but also for doing essential transactions and agreements.

 Moving further, giving international support during times of natural calamities is also integral for showing humanity and the benefit of own country. In other words, if any country encounters the problem of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods or many more, economically, more vital nations need to take a step forward to provide financial support. In return, the shares in the sufferer country’s available resources can be taken as returning debt. Thereby, alongside taking help, all the credit can be paid back by the sufferer country. For instance, a decade ago, almost in 2002, the Japan where flood occurred due to that economical crisis also encountered by nations; while the USA moved a step ahead in supporting the Japanese government financially, in turn, the USA took some shares of the oil industry of Japan to ensure the payback of credit. In this way, a win-win situation is created for both nations.  

To conclude, helping other nations is mandatory for building stronger relationships and showing humanity’s side; even then, creating a prosperous world is possible.

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