6th Aug 2022, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Morning Slot, INDIA

6th Aug 2022, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Morning Slot, INDIA


Art is considered an essential part of all cultures throughout the world. However, these days fewer and fewer people appreciate art and turn their focus to science, technology and business. Why do you think that is? What could be done to encourage more people to take an interest in the arts?

Sample Answer 1

All nations worldwide consider art a crucial part of their culture. While a sizeable number of people have a central focus on other fields such as science, technology and business: some pay attention to the arts, which is a grave concern. This essay will suggest that lack of jobs in arts is the primary reason for this, and creating awareness among people is the most viable solution.

To begin with, it is an accomplished fact that many people do not consider art as a career option due to less availability of jobs in this domain. It is because, for centuries, artistry is usually considered a leisure time activity than a legitimate career opportunity. Hence, people believe that taking art as a subject would reduce their chances of getting employment in the future. Rajasthan state in India is the prime example, where many skilled art professionals find it challenging to make ends meet.

To curb this problem, generating awareness among people from all walks of life seems to be a prudent approach. It is the bounden duty of the government and the education fraternity to educate people regarding the significance of arts in our lives. This raised awareness would motivate many people to take arts as a career option. Moreover, higher authorities should create sufficient opportunities for artists to earn money to manage their expenses. For example, in Japan, the percentage of people pursuing arts as a career is on an incline because of the availability of plum jobs for artists.

To conclude, although people take art as an integral part of numerous cultures, many individuals still opt for other domains such as technology and science as their careers. The prominent reason for this development is the limited job avenues for artists, and public awareness is the feasible solution to address this issue and enhance interest in the arts.

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