Many people choose to learn practical subjects IELTS Essay

Many people choose to learn practical subjects IELTS Essay

IELTS Essay Topic

Many people choose to learn practical subjects therefore theoretical subjects will no longer be taught in universities. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer 1

Several people like to study by doing practicals, so the significance of theoretical subjects will decline, and they will not be taught in universities. I am in solidarity with this statement because practical knowledge helps understand the concept better and saves many students’ time.

To begin with, gaining practical knowledge is much easier to understand than studying theory. Doing practicals is more interesting because students get a chance to perform it by themselves, and they can have complete knowledge of the procedure, equipment and results. It is more understandable because reading theory is boring and less clear than practical. For example, many theories in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are being taught in schools and universities, which are understandable and practical.

Furthermore, students can save lots of time with practical subjects because it consumes more time reading theory than doing practicals. Moreover, students can only remember theory if they perform it in the lab and have practical knowledge, so it is time-saving to do practicals directly than studying theoretical subjects. For example, many schools and universities provide books for theory and give lectures that consume so much time. After that, they take theory exams, but still, students need to gain practical knowledge of a particular subject. So, doing practicals can be more time-saving.

To conclude, universities and colleges will indeed be teaching practical subjects, and theoretical subjects will be very rare because practical make the concepts more understandable and help students to save time.

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