IELTS Speaking Part 1 Island

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Island

Have you ever been to an island? 

Yes, I went to the Maldives two years ago. It was a short trip for four days and for sorry for night and three days five days So I enjoyed it a lot. 

Are there any islands in your country? 

They are not in my country, but there are some in my Indian continent that are near my country. One of the famous ones is Andaman Nicobar, and There is one Island called Sri Lanka. Apart from that, we have Maldives and Some others too. 

Do you want to live on an island? 

If I get a chance, I will grab that opportunity because the Island has a different piece of mind, and we have a lot of activities that we can do on the Island apart from that. We have a lot of privacy on the Island. So, for that reason, I would live over there.

What would you like to do if you go to any island?

 Suppose I visit any island; that is the first thing I would do over there. I will build a Home, a wooden house, or a tree house for my living. After that, I will play with the sand, take a bath, and take a bath in the Sea. After that, I will also sunbathe. Yes, all these activities I will do if I go to any island.

 What makes islands unique compared to the mainland? 

First of all, the Islands are located in a separate place. They have complete privacy; apart from that, it’s remote, not having any land connectivity. On the other hand, you have full connectivity on the mainland, and the islands are small compared to the mainland.

 What are some challenges faced by people staying on islands?

 There are a lot of Challenges that a person has to face if he lives on the Island. First of all, as I said, there is no connectivity to the mainland and no means of transportation, and there’s so. Everything has to be done on their own, like with hard work; apart from that, some natural disasters could occur, like tsunamis and earthquakes on the Island.

How do rising sea levels and climate change impact low-lying island nations?

 The main reason behind this scenario is global warming. As the temperature rises, the immense glaciers are melting. For that reason, the sea level of the water sea level is rapidly growing. Therefore, I wonder if islands like Drown in the In are drawing in Getting Sea. I’m getting getting drowned in the Sea.

 How do islands attract tourists? 

First, the Island has beaches and privacy so we can build a castle. We can do various activities, and people like to spend their vacation there, and it also gives us a recreational and peaceful feeling. That’s the reason ten people visit the Island.

 And what is having too many tourists, good or bad for an island? 

It would be harmful if we had too much to use in a single place on one Island because the islands are also smaller than the mainland. There is a limit to places to live. So if we add more and more tourists, they will ruin the whole Island. We have to build more places for tourists and so on.

 How do the locals staying on the islands make money? 

The locals can make it through various sectors, like the resorts and hotels, and apart from that, some restaurants and some people can profit through sea activities like scuba diving, rafting, jet skiing, and all.

What problems do tourists face when they stay on an island for an extended period?

 If a tourist can stay if tourist stays on an Island for a long time, it would be costly because the prices are very high on the Island as compared to the mainland, and apart from that, there are a lot of skin-burning effects due to the Sun and The sea water is not suitable for our health.

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