Describe a weekend that you enjoyed and still remember IELTS Cue Card

Describe a weekend that you enjoyed and still remember IELTS Cue Card


Describe a weekend that you enjoyed and still remember.
You should say:

when it was
what you did during this weekend
how much you enjoyed it
and explain why you still remember it.

Sample Answer

We played a few games, and it made us feel that we were all united and very happy. I enjoyed it very much because I got to meet many cousins and because before that I was in college, so for all four years I couldn’t attend any family function and this was the first time after college when I did, and it felt like I’ve been missing on a lot.

 I still remember it because firstly it is the latest family function which happened and secondly, it happened to me, after a very long time and of course, we had a good time. It was good company, everybody laughed, and we made good memories, we took good pictures, so I loved it all. 


What are your plans for the upcoming weekend?

For the upcoming weekend, I have plans to take my parents to a temple near my relative’s house, and if we get time, we might also visit our relatives because they called us. Apart from that, I need to work on some things, like my CV, because I need to apply for the job. 

Do you prefer to relax at home or go out and explore during the weekends?

 It varies every weekend because in some weeks I get exhausted, so on that weekend, I try to stay at home with my family and have a good time at home. Other than that, if I’m feeling bored and if my friends have made some plans, I would go and explore new places.

Are there any special events or activities you look forward to this weekend? 

Yes, my family and I want to visit a new temple, and because it is very famous and we’ve never been there, that is one thing and other than that, my brother will be coming home from the hostel so we’ll be having a good time. 

Have you made any weekend gateway plans recently? If so, where are you headed? 

We went to a city nearby, and we went there for a party and my friends, my brother and his friends, and I all went together so it was nice all the young people were there and we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

How do you typically unwind and recharge over the weekend? 

I typically unwind and recharge by spending quality time with my parents. Apart from that, my friends are very enthusiastic, so they make plans for the weekend, and I go and hang around with them. My brother also comes home, so we enjoy ourselves a lot on weekends because everybody is free. 

Do you like to indulge in any hobbies or interests, specifically on weekends? 

Yes, there are a few hobbies, and after college, I have been catching up on my hobbies, one of which is learning a new instrument. I have had this instrument for a long time but have yet to get the time, so every weekend, I try to learn a new strumming pattern or chord to add to my skill.

Do you have any favourite weekend rituals or traditions? 

Yes, one of my favourite weekend rituals is Sunday morning breakfast. My mother cooks tasty food in the morning, and everybody enjoys it. It varies every weekend, so we are always excited about what she will make every weekend. 

Are there any new restaurants, cafes, or places you want to try out this weekend? 

Yes, there are a few recommendations by a very good friend. He recommended a few famous places for their chocolate, and they sell the best hot chocolate in the city. 

Do you prefer to spend weekends with friends and family or alone?

 I prefer to spend my weekends with friends because all of my friends are, some of them are in college, and some of them are working, so everybody gets enough on the weekend, and we try to go out, and it is always fun to hang around with my best friends.

How do you balance productivity and relaxation during your weekends? 

So productivity and relaxation depend on how the week was. If the week were tiring, I would prefer not to work on the weekends and take out some time for my mental health, and if the week was not that hectic and it was relaxing, then I would try to work on the weekends as well because I don’t mind working unless and until my friends make some plan. 

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