BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 2nd November

BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 2nd November


Some people think that modern games can help children develop a wide range of skills, but others argue that traditional games can be much better for developing such skills. what is your opinion?


Undoubtedly, playing games are a crucial part of children’s development in terms of communication skills, physical fitness, and many more. However, it divides people into two different mindsets as one group argues that contemporary games have brought ample skills; however, while others oppose this view. This essay will discuss both opinions along with my perspective in conclusion.

  On the one hand, there are several reasons why traditional games are essential for children to develop hidden skills. The first and foremost one is that children can learn team works. To elaborate, nowadays, children have a hectic schedule. Therefore, they need more time to participate in any outdoor activity, which is often responsible for their lack of group work. Take Football, for example, where a player gets injured while playing, then other teammates and opponents run toward an athlete for first aid. Therefore, conventional sports are not only suitable to foster the physical health of children, but also they can learn how to work as a team.  

On the other hand, modern games also play a vital role in children’s skills, such as enhancing communication among different ages. To clarify, the working schedule of both parents does not allow them to spend valuable time with their offspring, so children face isolation at home. Thus, modern games help them to enhance their interpersonal skills. For example, online digital games such as Pubg and Free Fire are played by many players from different nations, which help them to enhance communication skills when they play together. 

 To conclude, both viewpoints have different advantages among children. Modern games significantly impact children’s lives to become skilled people in lateral life.

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